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Marco Vitaly promotion Pen boxes collection

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888-Wood Pen Box Triple
Fancy wooden box for a trio of pensSize: 16.5x7.5x2.5 cm..
887-Wood Pen Box Couple
Elegant wooden box for two pensSize: 16.5x6.5x2.5 cm..
785-Show Couple
Gift box for pair of pens..
731-Show Single
Gift box for single pen..
231-Pen Velvet
Velvet sleeve for single pen..
1782-Cork pencil case
eco friendly pencil casemade of natural cork..
1684-Display Box
Luxury pen boxWith Aluminum promotion spaceFit to single pen or 2 pens set..
Semi-transparent pen box with advertising spaceSize: 16.4x4.2.5 cm..
1419-Droar Box
Luxury pen box drawer opening, fit to single pen or 2 pens..
Black cardboard box for single pen..
1346-Duo Boxy
Black cardboard box for a pair of pens..
1260-Carbon Trapez Box
Tarpese carbon texture box, fit to single pen or 2 pens..
1230-Pearl Pen Box
Luxurious pens box for singel pen..
1186-Carton Box Single/Couple
Luxurious carton pen box, fit to single pen or 2 pens..
1149-Set Pouch
PU Leather case for a pair of pens with zipper closurepacked in white cardboard packaging..
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