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Handling device to car withe papers block and penSize: 12.5x14x4 cm..
 5 plasters set in a pull-out caseWith big advertising space10.5X4.2X1..
 "bamboo set" ball pen and mechanical pencil made of natural bambooCombined with metal clipincl..
1618-Laundry Bag
Laundry bag woven mesh combined nylon, lanyard closure, large advertising space Size: 60x45 cm..
Fidget gadget key chainInclude 2 led flashlight Relieves Stress or for play6.5x3.6x1..
Key chain with removable coin for shopping cart..
Airplane shape name tag for suitcase9.5x5.9x0.3 cm..
Magnetic stand for air ventorIncluding two metal plates for sticking on the smartphone,Or inser..
1575-Match ring
Grip ring attached to a mobile phone that  also used as a standSize: 4x3.5x cm ..
A football-wrapped refresh Towel in a mesh case with carabiner for hanging on bags, beltsSize: 11x10..
Mobile phone fan with dual connector for iPhone and AndroidSize: 8.6x4.5x3.8 cm..
Counter pen with triangular base with visible promotion spaceSize: 3.6x7.4x17 cm..
Counter/desktop pen with stand for mobile phoneSize: 5x5x14 cm..
Folding nylon fabric with a pocket used for mobile charging and a variety of uses such as hanging on..
key chain with vehicle Getting out kit that includes: window breaker by click on the window, seat be..
Compact manicure set in a cylindrical box with mirror, nail clippers and ear cleaner and tweezers, i..
1478-Super Albad
"Super Albad" Recycled material non woven bag 100 gr with long strapssize: 45x34x13 cm..
1399-Make Up
Manicure set 5 quality parts with mirror packed in a plastic caseSize: 11.5X7.5X2.4 cm..
1397-Mini Me
Small round mirror with opening and closing optionSize: 6X7X0.5 cm..
sets 3 magic markers that do not dry in plastic packageSize: 10.5X5.5X1..
Weekly modular medicine boxSize: 19x3.5x3.5 cm..
Name tag for a suitcase in the shape of a trolleySize: 9x5.5x0.4 cm..
Neoprene sleeve keeps cold, for drinking bottle, with adjustable wrist strapSize: 16.5X6.5 cmØ 6.5 c..
1249-Name Tag
Transparent Badge Holder (w/o clip)..
1248-Name Tag
Transparent Badge Holder (with clip)..
1247-Tag Nishlaf Strap
Name tag Lanyard, Width 2 cm..
1246-Tag Nishlaf Meruba
Square-Shaped Badge reel holder with snap lockSize: 3.2x3.2  cm..
1245-Tag Nishlaf Agol
Round-Shaped Badge reel holder with Snap lock3.3 Ø..
1225-Luggage Strap
Marking and securing belt for briefcase with quick adjustment and closureSize: 1x5x185  cm..
1170-Wide Albad
"Wide Albad" Recycled material non woven bag 100 gr with long strapsSize: 8X38X41 cm..
1169-Slim Albad
"Slim Albad" Recycled material non woven bag 100 gr with long straps Size: 38x41 cm..
1144-Mini Book
"Mini book" recycled spiral notebook with penSize:  10x15.5x1  cm ..
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