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Marco Vitaly promotion Flash lights collection

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metal five led lights and laser pointerSize: 6x2x2 cm..
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1667-Light Ball
Magnetic COB lampfor table & wall..
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1666-Super Ball
Magnetic rechargeable head lightHigh -brightness ledquick release handleba mountIncludes a variety o..
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A very powerful headlamp with a COB bulb and three light modes5.9X4.5X3..
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A large camping lantern opens with two directions of lighting and holding19.5X9X9..
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Two-head flashlight with powerful CUB technology Four LED lights with an adjustable magnetic base th..
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Aluminum flashe light COB technology with powerful white lighting Adjustable magnetic clip..
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Pull Light super bright led bulb for hanging in a variety of placesSize: 16.5x5.5x5.5 cm..
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1451-Carbon Light
Professional Technical Flashlight with carbon finish & powerful CREE bulb with a variety of vari..
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A large opens camping lantern with 30 LEDs for powerful, less cost-effective lighting, including bat..
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7 LEDs flashlight for hanging with carabiner and three powerful lighting modesincluding batteriesSiz..
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Large aluminum 12-LED flashlight with a carrying strap including batteriesSize: 20x4x4 cm..
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1447-Mini Lantern
An aluminum flashlight pulldown to mini-lamp with a folding rackincluding batteriesSize: 14x4x4 cm..
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Cree high quality headlamp Includes batteries Size: 6x7x4.5 cm..
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CREE 6T Professional three-head headlight with 4 different lighting modes bulbs with tremendous inte..
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Adjustable headlamp, powerful LED light with red flashing, including batteriesSize: 6x4x3.5 cm..
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Aluminum flashlight key chain combined with bottle openerSize: 8X2.2X1.5 cm..
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Flashlight & metal pocket knife set in a tin box including a batterySize: 4x4x12 cm..
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Aluminum 9 leds flashlight Includes batteriesPacked in metal tin box Size: 9.2X2.5X2.5  cm..
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