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1739-Combi Network
Tech gift set A5 innovative notebook integrated wireless charging surfaceAnd a metal pen with a..
Innovative design A5 notebookCombined with high quality P.U leather and fabricWith storage comp..
1634-Payment (RFID block)
Designed credit card walletmade of fabric and quality P.URFID BLOCKING technology(Prevent credit car..
Innovative design A5 folder that includes:Cells of different sizes for a variety of uses,  plac..
Innovative design A4 folder that includes:Stand for Smartphone / Tablet, Smartphone for iPhone,A sto..
 A5 folder with a built-in 4000mah power bank,Line pages and stand for smartphone / tabletSuita..
1538-Tech Bag-Medium
A leather-like case for organizing and arranging: headphones, chargers, cables, cameras and travel a..
1537-Tech-Bag Big
 Leather-like case for organizing can also be used as a personal document case and a wide ..
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